Our Promise

I’m Elna Blom and I am the founder and owner of The Diamond Boutique, previously known as African Diamonds. I started the business in 1983 and have loved my job every single day of my life since that first day. The business has flourished over the years and I have enjoyed so much working with all my clients and that is what has kept me going for so long. I have no intention of slowing down any time soon!

Being a jeweller requires a balance of skill, intuition and talent. Skill to understand the intricacies of diamonds, precious metals and other precious stones and to know how these elements are best married together; the intuition to interpret every client’s taste into a piece of jewellery and a natural talent for designing beautiful pieces. Over the years I have been passionate about giving clients as much of these three as possible.

Having a very talented and experienced team to work with, certainly does mean the difference between promises and delivery – and The Diamond Boutique team is a very talented and experienced one.

When it comes to engagement/wedding rings, I believe that  every client should be completely in love with their rings. If you are not completely satisfied, we will go back to the design until you do fall in love with your ring. That is a promise.

“No matter what your budget, we are able to design and manufacture a ring that is the perfect resemblance of your relationship.”

I’m Carike Greffrath and this business and I have something very special in common – our birthdays. Seriously, my mother started African Diamonds just before I was due to arrive in this world. My earliest childhood memories all seem to play off in the offices of African Diamonds (now The Diamond Boutique). It was inevitable that I would be drawn to the romance of jewellery design and manufacturing.

My love for people and interpreting their ideas into a beautiful design has evolved over the years. That is probably the best part of every day; when you work in jewellery you’re generally working with happy people – couples getting engaged, having wedding bands made,husbands having earrings made for their wives as anniversary gifts, the list goes on. We get to share in that joy with every project and that is what will keep me in this business for years to come.

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